2023 Results


Another year with Lebanon Trust: what we did in 2023

Dear friends and supporters,

First of all, thank you so much for your continued support, not only from all the volunteers of our Charity but above all from the people in Lebanon we are trying to help.
This year we had organised a 2-week work trip to Beirut and to the South of Lebanon in late October. But then war erupted, and our flights were cancelled. This war is a calamity for the region and the country, and not being able to go is unfortunate for our Charity, as it is important for us to show our support directly. We hope very much that we can go in 2024.

Despite everything, we manage to send EUR 16’0000 in donations, equally split between FAID, the school for deaf children that we have been supporting since 2008, and Association Najdeh, working in Lebanon’s refugee camps. The funds are being used for the children’s food programme and for the school and kindergartens running costs, such as books.


Income: donations to Lebanon Trust (Euro) (Dec 1st, 2022 – Nov 30th, 2023)

Fundraising initiatives, private donations, corporate sponsorships
Total 10524.84

(Year close Nov 30, 2023; EUR/USD/CHF currency exchange rate: as applied by our bank in Ireland)

Expenditure: Disbursements to the supported institutions, expenses (Euro)

Bank and PayPal fees, web hosting & domains 188.06
Donation to FAID (school for the deaf) 7968.48
Donations to Association Najdeh (refugee camps) 8000.00
Total 16156.54
Difference -5631.70

Many generous people donated through Benevity, The Irish Online Giving Foundation and The UK Online Giving Foundation (thank you Mick!). Our friend Kevin Boyle in Tralee again organised a splendid choir concert in June in favour of Lebanon Trust’s projects. Thank you so much!

Many heartfelt thanks to the many generous friends who helped this year
(Dec 1st, 2022 – Nov 30th, 2023):

• Kevin Boyle and family (Tralee, Ireland) • St John’s Church Choir • Kerry Chamber Choir • Kerry School of Music, and the soloists, and everyone who helped on the night of the concert • Kathleen, Mick, Carmel Halpin & family (Dublin & USA) • the customers of St. Peregrines GAA Club • Anna Dal Negro Axel Sonnenfeld (Zurich, CH) • Ardfert Quarry Products Partnership • Amazon.com • Martina Merkle (Zurich, CH) • Patricia Meade (Ca., USA) • Luca Baur (Schwerzenbach, CH) • Ole Vossnack (Zurich, CH) • Catherine Poeydomenge (Zurich, CH) • Fam. Ricci (Arquata Scrivia, Italy) • Enrico & Lilli Bertolotto (Genoa, Italy) • MC Ferraro & A Bertolotto (Genoa, Italy) • Fam. Aquini (Arquata Scrivia, Italy) • Gabry e Felice Boiani, sigg. Fasciolo-Barnabè e gli amici di Montaldero (Arquata Scrivia, Italy) Giorgio Margotti (Livorno, Italy) • Silvana Falaschini (Livorno, Italy) • Fam Zappavigna (Marina di Massa, Italy) • Angela Vigna & Giulio Mori (Savona, Italy) • Jolanda Bianchi (Genoa, Italy) • Fam. Cocurullo (Genoa, Italy) • Fam. Devia (Genoa, Italy) • Fam Prola-Smith (London, UK) • B. Biondi (Zurich, CH) • Pat Stafford and Stafford Engineering (Dublin) • All the generous Walkinstown friends in St Peter’s Crescent and St Peter’s Drive for their constant support • Hoistech Engineering (Dublin)• Paul Reid Dental Laboratories (Dublin) • Big Mick (Dublin) • Brenden & staff at Lilliput Stores (Dublin) • Dolphin Furniture Sales (Dublin) • QK Living Kitchens & Bedrooms (Dublin) • Griffin Digital Print (Dublin) • The Terence Welding Company (Dublin) • The many people who sponsored Paul on the sponsor cards • and many other generous people who prefer to remain anonymous – you know who you are!