Wish to lend a hand? Help us fundraise – and come with us

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Lebanon Trust’s work focuses primarily on children and children’s institutions in Lebanon.

The help we provide consists of financial support and practical work.

Lebanon Trust relies on a network of volunteers. Volunteers raise funds by various means: organise parties, concerts and evenings, or sport events such as sponsored walks or competitions, pass around sponsorship cards, and anything else legal and legitimate they can think of.

Then, at least once a year, we organise a trip to Lebanon for those volunteers who wish to participate. These trips take us to the Lebanese institutions we support.

With the raised funds, each volunteer contributes to Lebanon Trust’s charitable goals towards FAID, the kindergartens of the refugee camps and the Home of Hope (for more details, please see Donate). Volunteers who come to Lebanon pay their own expenses such as flights and food – the accommodation is free.

We also do some practical work and organise activities with the children. We have a good time with the people we are trying to help.

We experience the fascinating Lebanese culture, too, as insiders, not as tourists. And we have the chance to see a bit of the wonderful nature and history of Lebanon.

Donors and volunteers are guaranteed complete financial transparency on the use of their funds. And they can see with their own eyes – and touch with their own hands – where the money goes.

Our next trip will take us to the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID) and to the refugee camps in 2022 (our latest trip was in November 2022; no trip in 2020-2021 due to the pandemic. But we were active from afar.). Contact us for more details.

Interested in spending an extended period as a volunteer at one of the Institutions we support? Please contact us for information. Speech therapists and other teachers interested in FAID are especially welcome.