Visit to the refugee camp of Burj el-Shemali

Lebanon Trust visited a refugee kindergarten in the south of Lebanon

One of our regular appointments when we are in Lebanon is the visit to the kindergarten of the refugee camp di Burj el-Shemali, in the city of Tyre, in the south of the country.  We very much look forward to this, every time. It is a great day that we spend with the children and the teachers. They are all very warm and welcoming, always enthusiastic, motivated and full of ideas and projects.

We all sang songs in English, blew soap bubbles, ate sweets and made a lot of noise. On behalf of our supporters, we left a much-needed donation of 2000 dollars in support of the kindergarten’s activities.  After the children left, the teachers surprised us with a huge Palestinian lunch, which was really delicious! Thank you!