The UN Refugee Agency UNHCR writes a story about FAID and Lebanon Trust

Hot off the press: the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR publishes a story about FAID and Lebanon Trust

Six-year-old Syrian refugee Mohammed responds to questions in a classroom at the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf in Beirut, Lebanon. © UNHCR/Haidar Darwish

During our trip in October, a delegation of the UN Refugee Agency came to visit us at FAID. They interviewed us and the school’s staff, visited the audiology department and the classrooms, spoke to children and parents – and then filmed and summarised all this in a wonderful story.(opens a new tab)

Watch the video (© UNHCR)

Special thanks to Matt Saltmarsh, Lisa Abou Khaled, Haidar Darwish and to all their colleagues who made this possible.