The Home of Hope

The Home of Hope

An institution to serve the misfortunate, abused, abandoned, and orphaned children of Lebanon


Home of Hope, located near Beirut, was established by the Lebanese Evangelical Society in 1999 in the spirit of the National Convention of the Rights of the Child, which stipulates a child’s right to survival, development, protection and participation.​

The majority, if not all, of the children who come into the Home of Hope come from a background of violence, abuse, and neglect. Many of them are street children who are forced, usually by their family or child labor ringleaders, to beg or steal in order to bring in money. Others, meanwhile, come from even more heart-rending situations, such as sex trafficking, drug experimentation, and even human organ trafficking.

The aims of the Home of Hope are many and multi-faceted, but they all focus on creating a nurturing, encouraging, and helpful environment, which shall: first of all, help the children to recover from the traumatic events which they have passed through; and second, to educate and raise the children to be intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually prepared to face an increasingly biased future.

Lebanon Trust supports the Home of Hope since 2017.

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