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The Three Peaks Challenge – an update

An update on Kevin’s Three Peaks Challenge

Dear friends,

not even a global pandemic can stop Kevin and his challenge (described here) – this daring  adventure has just been delayed by a few weeks. It is now going to take place on Saturday July 25th, 2020.

We hope that many of you will support Kevin’s fundraising to help our projects, especially in this difficult time: Lebanon has been hit not only by the Coronavirus pandemic, but also by a terrible economic crisis which has seen its currency lose a staggering 60% of its value. Prices have become sky-high and a large part of the population cannot afford basic goods. Of course, the poor and the refugees – the most vulnerable – have been affected disproportionally hard.

You can donate on Kevin’s  Just Giving page or directly here.

Many heartfelt thanks to Sam, Gerardine Gardezi, Andrea, Marion O’Mahony, Trevor Devereux, Peter White and the many anonymous friends who have donated generously so far! The world is wonderful because you are in it.

Thank you!