Results 2012

Lebanon Trust’s 2012 results

The year 2012 saw Lebanon Trust’s activities extend beyond the Beirut area for the first time. In addition to supporting the Father Anderweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID) and the kindergarten in the refugee camp of Chatila, we were asked to help finance the restoration of the kindergarten in a large refugee camp in the South of Lebanon called Burj el Shemali, near the ancient city of Tyre.

Throughout the year, our volunteers worked tirelessly to raise funds for Lebanon Trust’s projects, and in late October, they travelled to Lebanon. A description of the results follows. Our donors receive a report detailing Lebanon Trust’s accounts.

Results in a nutshell

  • Financing of 1 year of a speech therapist for the children of the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf, Beirut: $ 8000
  • Ongoing financial support for the kindergarten of the Chatila refugee camp in Beirut: $ 200
  • Financing of construction work (removal of debris, bathroom, sewage, playground tiling) for the kindergarten of the Burj el Shemali refugee camp in Tyre, southern Lebanon: $ 2000
  • On-the-field evaluation of the work done by the Institutions we support, discussion of their plans and needs, meetings with their management, the Board, staff and pupils, further definition of our mode of collaboration
  • Field visit to the Chatila refugee camp in Beirut and the Burj el Shemali and El-Buss camps in Tyre, including the Vocational Training Centre (Computing, Accounting, Haidressing, etc) and the Psycho-Social Help Centre there
  • Painting, refurbishment and minor reconstruction work at the school’s premises (classrooms, playground, garden) of the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf. The tools and material have been purchased by Lebanon Trust, and the work carried out by the volunteers themselves and by local labourers paid by Lebanon Trust (total $ 600).

We are delighted that in April Lebanon Trust was awarded the “In Heroes” prize by Liberty Global, Inc., in recognition to the benefits brought by its work and the commitment of its volunteers.

Results project “Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf” – more details

This is our fifth visit to the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID) in so many years. At every visit, we find the children have grown taller and more confident, and they have not forgotten us – soon as we step in, they greet us with overwhelming affection. When it comes to practical work such as painting, especially the smaller ones compete to be part of the action.

Their speaking skills improve every year, in Arabic and English. Lebanon Trust, for the third year now, has financed a speech therapist for the children. Their progress is regularly monitored and recorded in detailed individual reports.

Also, we organised a party for all the children, with balloons, cakes and presents. Everyone had a very good time.

Results project “Burj el Shemali & Chatila” – more details

The kindergarten of the Burj el Shemali refugee camp (population: 21000) is housed in a small building with a small outdoor playground, partially occupied by a memorial to several people who died there in 1982 during the war. The three small classrooms accommodate 81 children, aged 3 to 5. Many more would like to join, but have to be turned away for lack of capacity. The situation in the camp is made even more difficult by the recent influx of more than 100 refugee families from Syria.

The building and playground, although painted in bright colours and lovingly maintained, are in urgent need of renovation (total cost: $ 35000). Lebanon Trust has so far contributed with $ 2000.

Moreover, we have visited again the kindergarten at the refugee camp of Chatila in Beirut (population: 10000), that moved to a restored building last year; Lebanon Trust had helped financially. We are happy to report that the kindergarten is still very well maintained, clean and bright, and the teachers very welcoming and committed to their work.


The necessary funds have been raised through:

  • Private donations
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • Events: parties, raffles, quiz nights, etc
  • Collection cans

Our special thanks to these friends, who went out of their way to help:

Ana Puente and the Sales department of upc cablecom GmbH (Zurich, Switzerland) – ANSAC Credit Union (Dublin, Ireland) – Catherine Poeydomenge & Adrian Ruf (Zurich, Switzerland) – Daiwa Europe Fund Managers Ireland Limited (Dublin, Ireland) – Declan Griffin of Griffin Digital Print (Dublin, Ireland) – Giovanna Pellegrini (Genoa, Italy) – Kieran Mc Loughlin of GK Nets in Howth (Co. Dublin, Ireland) – Liberty Global, Inc. and its executive officers (Denver, Colorado, USA) – Maria Cristina Ferraro & Alessandro Bertolotto (Genoa, Italy) – Martina Merkle (Zurich, Switzerland) – O’Neill’s House of Sport, Walkinstown Avenue (Dublin, Ireland) – Ole Vossnack (Zurich, Switzerland) – Paul Martin of Paul Martin Communications Limited (Dublin, Ireland) – Pauline Kelly, Michael Halpin and all the Symantec employees (Dublin, Ireland) – Paul’s Barber Shop, 123a Old County Road, Crumlin (Dublin, Ireland) – Robert Sumner (Zurich, Switzerland) – Romilda Bertolotto Cocurullo (Genoa, Italy) – St Peregrines GAA Club, Blanchardstown (Dublin, Ireland) – The people of St. Peter’s Crescent, Walkinstown (Dublin, Ireland) – Thomas of The Lansdowne Bar & Lounge, 14 Bath Avenue (Dublin, Ireland) – Aidan Turner & his staff at Turner’s Lounge (Tralee, Ireland) – Tina of Aspire Hair Salon (Manor, Tralee, Ireland) – Adrian and Gerard O’Sullivan & staff of The Castle Bar (Tralee, Ireland) – Niall Nolan of Nolan’s Garage (Tralee, Ireland) – the band Rogue: Dave, Hobb & Shaggy & guest singers – Stacey Conway & Niall O’Brien – James O’Donoghue, Oaklands Shop (Tralee, Ireland) – CIE Social Welfare Club (Tralee, Ireland) – Sean Patrick Moran – Jeff & Noreen Riordan, Wine Supplies – all the friends and supporters who attended Lebanon Trust’s fundraisers at Turner’s Lounge and Castle Bar in Tralee – a special THANK YOU to Noel’s friends and family, who did the bucket collection and sold raffle tickets – and finally many thanks to all the people on the sponsorship cards, of which there were many!