Results 2010

Lebanon Trust’s 2010 results

Lebanon Trust was created in 2009 and officially recognised in March 2010. This was therefore our first year of activity as an independent charity. It was difficult at times, as the global economic downturn was particularly harsh in Ireland. Nevertheless, the volunteers of Lebanon Trust managed to raise funds through various activities, and travelled to Beirut in October 2010 to deliver the help we had promised.

A detailed report has been sent to all donors to summarise Lebanon Trust’s activities, its main accomplishments and its financial situation.

Results in a nutshell

  • Financing of 1 year of a full-time speech therapist for the children of the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID), Beirut: $ 8000.
  • Field visit to the Chatila kindergarten for refugee children in Beirut, to deliver a contribution for urgent reparation work to the roof: $ 1000, corresponding to 3.5 months of a full-time skilled worker.
  • On-the-field evaluation of the work done by the Institutions we support, discussion of their needs and plans, meetings with their management, staff and pupils, further definition of our mode of collaboration.
  • Clean-up, refurbishment and minor reconstruction work at the school’s premises and at the “Old Rectory” (teachers’ training area) of the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID). The work has been carried out by the volunteers themselves.

Results project “FAID” – more details

Apart from the financing and the practical work, we organised a day of games for the FAID children, followed by a small party with sweets and presents. Everyone had a great fun.

In the words of Krikor Khasholian, FAID’s Director:

On behalf of FAID, of its management, staff and pupils, I would like to express our deep appreciation of Lebanon Trust’s commitment to our Institute. Solely thanks to their fundraising efforts, we were able to employ a full-time speech therapist for the current school year, to teach our deaf children how to speak (which they otherwise could not learn). Also, the practical work carried out at the Institute by the volunteers themselves was instrumental for the proper usage and management of our facilities. Finally, their good humour was loved by the children, especially during a day of recreation and games that Lebanon Trust organised and ran.”

Results project “Chatila” – more details

In addition to the financing for the roof, Lebanon Trust visited the kindergarten in the refugee camp of Chatila in Beirut. It was a merry occasion of laughter, songs, candies and chocolates.

Mariam, the kindergarten principal, says that:

We appreciate Lebanon Trust’s cooperation with Association Najdeh and its assistance with Chatila Kindergarten and children, where words are not enough to express our gratitude towards their generosity.”


The necessary funds have been raised through:

  • events: parties, raffles, cake sales, disco night, flea markets, etc
  • sponsorship cards
  • individual donations
  • corporate sponsorships

Expenses for administration (website domains/hosting, software, materials, flyers & posters, postage, etc); travel within Europe; Lebanon travel expenses (flights, insurance, local transport, etc; free accommodation provided by FAID) have been funded privately by the volunteers themselves.

Our special thanks to these friends, who went out of their way to help:

Jenny O’Connor, Alan McDonnell and the Social Committee of Symantec (Dublin, Ireland) – Paul Martin of Paul Martin Communications Limited (Dublin, Ireland) – Declan Griffin of Griffin Digital Print (Dublin, Ireland) – St Peregrines GAA Club, Blanchardstown (Dublin, Ireland) – The employees of SIAC Butlers Construction (Portarlington, Ireland) – The Pines Pub, Terenure (Dublin, Ireland) – Ole Vossnack (Zurich, Switzerland) – Maria Cristina Ferraro (Genoa, Italy) – Alessandro Bertolotto (Genoa, Italy) – Anna M. Galli (Genoa, Italy) – Martina Merkle (Zurich, Switzerland) – Trilobes BV (Joure, Netherlands).