News from FAID: help delivered to even more deaf children and adults

The Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf helps deaf children & adults all over Lebanon

This year The Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID) expanded its activities, in an effort to reach out more vulnerable children among not only the Lebanese, but also Syrian refugees and any other refugees living in Lebanon.

FAID’s staff have recently been in the Akkar region in the North of Lebanon and in the Bekaa valley, where they visited refugees camps and checked on children and elderly people with hearing loss. FAID is now going to provide more than 200 hearings aids for free – and also the necessary subsequent assistance and maintenance. From experience, they know that giving away hearing aids without backup and follow up in learning how to use them, maintenance etc … does no not work out.

In this regard, FAID’s goal, working together with local NGOs, is to design a simple, easy-to-deliver program, that concentrates on simple exercises around learning to hear/understand sounds; learning to speak by using speech software programs and music; thinking skills, self-esteem and survival skills. This program will be taught in simple task-oriented workshops to dedicated volunteers from the Syrian Refugee community in FAID. The motto of this work is: learn a little, teach a little, learn a bit more, teach a bit more.