Lebanon Trust’s ever biggest project

The playground “Francesco Lo Torto” –  a large project done by Lebanon Trust’s volunteers

A brand new playground for FAID‘s youngest children! This year we re-worked the kindergarten’s playground from scratch. There were 400 thick rubber tiles (50×50 cm, and quite heavy!) to remove and clean by hand; a new smooth, 10-cm thick, reinforced-concrete floor to make; the same 400 rubber tiles to put back & glue properly; an old & rusty iron and barbed-wire fence to remove and a new chain-link fence to install; a tree to prune and a wild overgrowth to remove; existing toys to clean and fix and new toys to buy and mount; benches, hand-rails and the gate to paint. We did it all, thanks to all our generous friends and supporters, and in particular Tiziana Virgilio. Thank you very much!

The new playground was dedicated to the memory of a friend, Francesco Lo Torto.

The old fence, part of the playground:
 We work in good spirits to remove the and clean the 400 rubber tiles:
the playground in now ready for renovation, and the iron rods for the reinorced concrete:
the cement mixer and the crane-pump came at night, and started work right away:
the making of the cement floor:
the new floor is ready – a reason for celebration:
as soon as the cement was solid, we started working right away on the new fence:
and on the rest – there’s definitely much work for everyone:
a bit of decoration: arabic and western numbers being painted here:
the new playground is ready – waiting for the children now:
The ribbon-cutting ceremony! Children and teachers are delighted: