Education packs for deaf children financed by Lebanon Trust

Tailor-made education packs for deaf children financed by Lebanon Trust

We feel terrible that we cannot go to Lebanon this year, but still we help our friends of course! This year we sent 25 thousand dollars; 5000 were use in Summer to prepare 76 individual education packs (covering 8 weeks of schooling) and tailor-made speech therapy exercises for the kids at FAID, the school for deaf children that we support since 2008. It was a big piece of work by 13 teachers, the social worker and the psychologist, who follow those families where problems exist.

The parents were grateful for this initiative that helped them continue & follow closely their children’s education. The customized education packs gave the teachers a chance to offer each individual child an education specifically focused on his or her needs.

We are happy that we were able to help these families and lessen their burden in these difficult times in Lebanon, thanks to our generous supporters and donors.