Put your generosity to work

Donations are the life and blood of Lebanon Trust. Without your generous contribution, we would not be able to provide any support at all!

Complete financial transparency is guaranteed to our donors. Each year, donors receive a full report that details our activities, accomplishments and financial situation. You will know exactly what your generosity has helped create, and where the money has gone. You can even see it with your own eyes, if you come to Lebanon as a volunteer with us.

On this website we post regular updates about our work, our funding and our supporting trips to Lebanon.

(Ireland-based donors: for possible tax relief please see here)

Donations can be made by

  • international or domestic bank transfer (cheaper option – fees are low or non-existent)
  • PayPal account or credit card (fees involved here – part of your donation goes to Paypal/VISA/etc)

PayPal / Credit Card:             Bank Transfer:

Lebanon Trust (Ireland)
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IBAN: IE23IPBS99065116253669

Permanent TSB Bank
134 Blanchardstown Shopping Centre
Blanchardstown – Dublin 15 – Ireland

Our goal in 2024 is to raise

  • at least € 8’000 to help finance one year’s worth of speech therapy for the deaf children of The Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID) in Beirut (more information on this page). The speech therapist teaches them how to speak and how to lip-read others, giving them a precious chance of being able to communicate with the wider world and lead a normal life.

With Lebanon Trust, your generosity goes a long way. A few examples:

  • € 30 pays attendance of the summer camp, and 1 month of transport to/from school for 1 FAID pupil
  • € 250 pays 1 month of full education for 1 pupil, including board and medical expenses
  • € 50 pays for 1 month of boarding and medical expenses for 1 FAID pupil, or 6 months of kindergarten for 1 refugee child
  • € 500 pays for 1 month of speech therapy for FAID’s pupils, or 1 year of kindergarten for all of Chatila’s refugee kids
  • € 100 pays 1 month of food, heating, books, medical treatment, transport for 1 pupil or 1 year of kindergarten for 1 refugee child
  • € 3000 pays for 1 year of full education, medical expenses, board and transport for 1 pupil