Amir’s story – encouraging news in much despair

Meet Amir. He is deaf and lost his family and his country – but now has found hope

This nice boy is Amir, 11 years old, and FAID’s most recent addition. Amir was born deaf, in Aleppo, an ancient and beautiful city in Syria that has been devastated by war.

His parents divorced and little Amir lived with his father, until they had to flee Syria for their life. His mother’s whereabouts are currently unknown; she is believed to be still in Syria. Father and son took refuge in Lebanon, where his father remarried. But Amir was mistreated at home and ran away several times, until he was found by “Home of Hope”, a Lebanese organisation caring for abandoned children, and put into FAID’s care.

Amir being visited by Dr Nemer Attieh, FAID’s resident audiologist.

At FAID Amir’s hearing was tested by the audiologist and he was fitted with hearing aids. He also started to attend school, receive speech therapy and psychological help. He is now learning how to interact with his peers and teachers, adjusting rapidly to his new, peaceful life.

Amir is a full-boarder at FAID and spends the weekends at Home of Hope.

Amir has been fitted with hearing aids.

Amir, second from left, now atteds school at FAID.

This is Aleppo, Amir’s home city, in January 2017 (photos © BBC/Jeremy Bowen)