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Lebanon Trust volunteers on their 2019 mission

Lebanon Trust volunteers on their 2019 mission

Once again, Lebanon Trust’s volunteers are heading to Lebanon. For two weeks in November, they will visit FAID School for the Deaf, the Association Najdeh‘s refugee kindergartens, and the institute for orphaned and street children Home of Hope Lebanon, doing practical work and delivering financial support, thanks to our friends and donors!

A huge THANK YOU to all the generous people who helped us this year!

A fantastic cake sale at Symantec

A fantastic cake sale at Symantec

Our wonderful friends at Symantec in Dublin organised a galactic cake sale – and raised more than EUR 1000 for our projects!

We are speechless and cannot thank them enough for such a wonderful generosity. This is amazing. Your generosity, dear friends, will go a long way to help vulnerable children, refugees and orphans. Thank you, Mick Halpin, Stephanie Derwojed, Fabio Fantino, Tina, Alexandra, and all who participated, from the bottom of our hearts.




To Hell And Back, for a good cause: our bravest friends

To Hell And Back, for a good cause: our bravest friends

A great team of Lebanon Trust’s friends took up the famous – and strenuos -“To Hell And Back”, Ireland’s toughest physical and mental endurance challenge, to raise funds for our charitable projects. Above, team leader Andy Walsh hands over more than EUR 400 to Christy, Lebanon Trust’s chairman.

We thank them deeply & sincerely for the pain and suffering endured for the cause! Thank you brave friends!

cake sale 27 june 2019

Thursday, June 27th, 2019: great cake sale at Symantec in Dublin, in favour of Lebanon Trust’s projects

On the last Thursday of June our friends at Symantec Dublin will hold a great cake sale, to raise funds in favour on Lebanon Trust’s projects. Yummy sweets, raffles and spot prizes for all – and a huge THANK YOU to all, organisers, bakers and supporters!


fundraising event June 2019

Thank you champions!

A huge THANK YOU and all our gratitude to Lebanon Trust’s friends Andy Walsh, Stephen O’Toole, Anthony Smith and Stephen Malone, who put their time and energy to raise funds for our projects.

Lebanon Trust couldn’t help anybody without friends like you!!!

Visit to the refugee camp of Burj el-Shemali

Lebanon Trust visited a refugee kindergarten in the south of Lebanon

One of our regular appointments when we are in Lebanon is the visit to the kindergarten of the refugee camp di Burj el-Shemali, in the city of Tyre, in the south of the country.  We very much look forward to this, every time. It is a great day that we spend with the children and the teachers. They are all very warm and welcoming, always enthusiastic, motivated and full of ideas and projects.

We all sang songs in English, blew soap bubbles, ate sweets and made a lot of noise. On behalf of our supporters, we left a much-needed donation of 2000 dollars in support of the kindergarten’s activities.  After the children left, the teachers surprised us with a huge Palestinian lunch, which was really delicious! Thank you!

The Shatila refugee camp

Visit and donation to the kindergarten of the refugee camp of Shatila in Beirut


One day during our trip we went to visit the kindergarten of the refugee camp of Shatila, as we have been doing every year since 2011.  We love this place – despite its really bleak surroundings (a dilapidated and overcrowded refugee camp), the kindergarten is full of joy, colours, laughter and songs. The teachers are all super-motvated and full of energy. The children, aged 3 to 5, learn to read and write in Arabic and English. The classrooms are full of drawings; we added great clouds of soap bubbles, which the children adore.

On behalf of our donors, we gave the kindergarten’s director Mariam a donation of USD 2000 towards the purchase of books and material for those children whose families cannot afford them. Thank you friends and supporters!

A donation to FAID

Lebanon Trust’s donation to FAID to support speech therapy for the deaf children

Speech therapy teaches deaf people how to speak and lip-read, allowing them to communicate with the wider world and equipping them for a productive future. On behalf of our donors and supporters, we donated 8000 dollars to finance a speech therapist for the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf, which educates nearly 70 deaf children, ranging from kindergarten pupils to teenagers.

Visit to the Home of Hope

A visit and a donation to the Home of Hope

Last week we went to the Home of Hope, an instute that welcomes street children and children with no family. With their Education Director Brady, we visited their place, talked to many of the children and gave them a donation of 2000 dollars for their computer class, where they learn programming and robotics. We also gave them many footballs, donated by O’Neills sport in Dublin.

2018 – work at FAID

Lebanon Trust’s volunteers worked at FAID


For the 11th year in a row, the volunteers of Lebanon Trust went to The Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID), where they renovated the students’ Computer Room and the Earmould Laboratory. Removing all the furniture and equipment, scraping and painting walls, windows, railings and doors, replacing the old carpet with a new one, moving the furniture back – our A-team did it all over the course of several days and a weekend, in order not to disrupt the teaching schedule too much.  We also did painting and maintenance work on girls’  dormitory playground  that we built in 2016, and did a complete clearance of the overgrowth in the garden.

The volunteers are back from Lebanon

The volunteers are back from Lebanon!

We have just returned from Lebanon: six volunteers from three countries spent two weeks in Lebanon, working at The Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf, and visiting and delivering donations also to two kindergartens for refugee children and an institute for street and orphaned children.

Time went fast and the trip was very intense, but we are proud of what we achieved on behalf of our donors and supporters. Thank you all!

Our volunteers are heading to Lebanon

Once again, our volunteers are heading to Lebanon

This month, an international group of six Lebanon Trusters will fly to Beirut for the charity’s  annual trip to visit the institutions we support financially, and to do practical work. As every year, we will stay at the Father Institute for the Deaf in the outskirts of Beirut, and do maintenance work there. We will also visit their outreach program in the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon, where hundreds of thousands Syrian refugee live.

As we have been doing for several years now, we will also visit two kindergartens for refugee children, run by our partner Association Najdeh.  We plan to visit the orphanage Home of Hope as well, which we got to know & supported last year for the first time.

We all look forward to being in Lebanon! Many hearfelt thanks to all the friends who donated and help our charitable projects.