Lebanon Trust provides food parcels to refugee families in need

Lebanon Trust provides food parcels to refugee families in need

Last month we sent 10’000 dollars to Lebanon, split between FAID School for the Deaf and the Association Najdeh, active in Lebanon’s refugee camps. With these funds, our friends at Najdeh have distributed 265 food parcels to the neediest families in the refugee camps of Shatila and Burj Al-Barajneh in Beirut.

Thank you to all friends who supported this effort!

A great Bingo night for Lebanon

A great Bingo night in Dublin’s St. Peter’s Crescent for Lebanon

Despite the rain, on Saturday Sep 5th a great bunch of people who live on St Peter’s Cresent and in the surrounding area came out to enjoy a night of open-air Bingo and to support Lebanon Trust’s projects in favour of the children’s institutions that we support.

It was a brilliant night, with friends and supporters clad in their rain gear, standing in doorways or sitting in car booths, raising a total of EUR 941! EUR 170 went towards the Bingo prizes and the hiring of a sound system, leaving a whopping total of EUR 771 for Lebanon.

Paul Horace, the organiser and Lebanon Trust’s Treasurer, would like to thank all those who helped and participated, and in particular Luke Creagh, Eileen Creagh, Amy Whelan, James Laughran, Rachael Dempsey.

Thank you friends!

A little help to our friends from Najdeh

A little help to our friends from Najdeh

Just before the terrible blast that destroyed much of the city of Beirut and killed and wounded so many people, we were able to send a donation of USD 5000 to our friends at Association Najdeh. Now, help is more crucial than ever.

In the hour of need, this donation – thanks to our donors and supporters – will feed 100 families for nearly a month.

Explosion in Beirut on August 4, 2020

Explosion in Beirut on August 4, 2020

To all our friends and supporters who worry because of the recent explosion in Beirut: all our volunteers and our Lebanse friends (at least those we managed to reach so far) are safe. But of course most buildings have been very heavily damaged, and also the school and the refugee camps we support, despite the distance from the blast site in Beirut’s port. In the pictures below, a city street and the grain silos (credit: AFP / Patrick Baz and AFP/STR)


Kevin’s success

A resounding success for Kevin and for Lebanon Trust

Dear friends,

not that anyone ever doubted it – Kevin made it!! Here is his message:

The 3 peaks-3 crosses one day challenge was completed yesterday in tough conditions on each of the three mountains. Thanks to all who helped make the challenge possible, and thank you for all your generous donations that made this event a fundraiser rather than just a tough day in the mountains. Your money will make a direct difference for the better for the children in Lebanon supported by our Charity. Every day is a challenge for them, and you have all helped in a big way to help them.

Thank you so much..


Kevin’s very generous friends

A huge THANK YOU to Kevin’s generous friends

Kevin, the hero of the “3 peaks-3 crosses one day challenge” is raising funds for Lebanon Trust’s projects. Many friends have responded generously to this great initiative. We would like to express our immense gratitude to them: (in inverse chronological order)

the many, many “Anonymous” donors
Mark Drummond
Leahy family
Kathleen Curtin
Kieran o Shea
Gerardine Cotter
Susan McNamara
The Halpin Family
Deirdre, Joe, Anton and Mary
Don and Siobhan
Una and Kieran
Kevin & Noreen
Uncles and auntie Mary
Kayla and Amelia
Sharon O S
Christine, Nora & Danny
Karen Condon
Dee, Tom H, Mike O’D, Sean, Joanne, Niamh, Shane, Adam, Chris, James, Donie, John, Michael H.
Anne and Jerry casey
Patrick Sullivan
Ken and Lisa
Joan & Peter
The luckiest son in the world
Ken and Liz
Mike Higgins
Bryan and Gráinne
Aidan and Sharon
Gary, Judy, Lauren and Kerri.
Pen and John
Monika and the kids.
Ryan Boyle
Damien Ginty
Michele and Fergus
Tracy O Keeffe
Sandra and Sean O Keeffe
Peter White
Trevor Devereux
Marion O’Mahony
Andrea and the O’Donoghues
Gerardine Gardezi

How FAID keeps educating its students

FAID, the school for deaf children we support, keeps up its important mission even in these difficult times

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, FAID sent the students home in early March, but remained open. Initiatives such as the outreach program for refugees had to be suspended or postponed – but the teachers would prepare classes and homework for the students, and ask the parents to collect the material at the school. As the situation worsened, the school was forced to close entirely. This pushed the teachers to tap their creativity & available technology, and start to deliver classes and homework to the children via Facebook private groups.

Also, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Information, FAID created a short video for Lebanon’s deaf people, explaining the dangers of Coronavirus and the precautions to take.

FAID helps their students’ families

FAID, the school for deaf children we support since 2008, helps their students’ families during this unprecedented crisis

In October 2019, an unprecedented economic crisis in Lebanon caused wide unemployment and a 60% devaluation of the Lebanese currency. As Lebanon relies on imports, prices have more than doubled, and many people find it challenging to buy even basic food items. Coupled with the instability of neighbouring Syria’s 10-year war and the coronavirus crisis, this situation has pushed the country to its knees.

FAID, the school for the deaf we support, helps the most impoverished families among their students. With the help of a NGO, they prepared food parcels and distributed disinfectants to those in need.

The Three Peaks Challenge – an update

An update on Kevin’s Three Peaks Challenge

Dear friends,

not even a global pandemic can stop Kevin and his challenge (described here) – this daring  adventure has just been delayed by a few weeks. It is now going to take place on Saturday July 25th, 2020.

We hope that many of you will support Kevin’s fundraising to help our projects, especially in this difficult time: Lebanon has been hit not only by the Coronavirus pandemic, but also by a terrible economic crisis which has seen its currency lose a staggering 60% of its value. Prices have become sky-high and a large part of the population cannot afford basic goods. Of course, the poor and the refugees – the most vulnerable – have been affected disproportionally hard.

You can donate on Kevin’s  Just Giving page or directly here.

Many heartfelt thanks to Sam, Gerardine Gardezi, Andrea, Marion O’Mahony, Trevor Devereux, Peter White and the many anonymous friends who have donated generously so far! The world is wonderful because you are in it.

Thank you!

The Three Peaks Challenge

The Three Peaks Challenge – a message from Kevin

There are three mountains in beautiful Kerry (Ireland) that have crosses at the top: Cnoc na Tober, Carrauntoohil and Mt. Brandon.

As a fundraising challenge for Lebanon Trust,  our friend Kevin Boyle intends to climb to the summit of the three mountain crosses in the same day, Saturday 6th June 2020.

We all sincerely hope that this is a fundraising challenge that is worthy of your support, along with the charity that I hope to raise funds for – Lebanon Trust.

Kevin will have a small number of friends supporting him on the day, including KCC’s own Kenneth Leahy who will climb with him, and John Lynch who will provide logistical support. Kevin thanks them in advance for their time and effort, given freely.

This year Kevin will carry the Kerry flag with him to the top of the three mountains, and again when you make your donation/pledge, you will be able to nominate two names to be written on the flag, as a gesture of remembrance, spirituality and intentions for your nominated loved ones.

All the funds raised will go to Lebanon Trust’s charitable projects, to help those who can’t help themselves. We all hope you can support the effort.

Thank you in advance from Kevin and all the volunteers of Lebanon Trust.

What we did in 2019


What we did in 2019

Download 2019 report

(tablets and smartphones: best viewed in landscape mode)

Dear friends and supporters,

despite the volatile situation in Lebanon, due to continued protests against mismanagement of public money and corruption, in November 2019 we went to Lebanon to visit the Institutions that we support thanks to your donations. They are: the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID), two kindergartens for refugee children, and the Home of Home, for orphans and street children.

This was our 12th consecutive visit to FAID, School for the Deaf in Beirut, which teaches about 80 children, Christian and Muslim alike, and refugees from Syria; many receive full boarding during the week. We restored and repainted the room for vocational teaching, where the children will be taught the art of hairdressing. We also did much maintenance to the school building, fixed and installed a door for the clinic and cleaned up the garden.

Towards the end of our stay, all the pupils gathered in the school’s courtyard to celebrate (and eat sweets).

Thank to your support, we were able to

  • donate 8000 dollars towards speech therapy, so that the deaf children can learn to speak and lip-read, necessary skills to become independent and support themselves;
  • donate 2000 dollars to buy heating oil for the classrooms (winters are cold in Lebanon!)
  • buy equipment and materials for the work we did

We also visited the Home of Hope, an institution for orphaned and street children. They are now creating a vocational training programme, to make sure that the children can leave the institute equipped with professional and life skills, to become independent and build their own future.

We were able to donate 3000 dollars towards this programme, on behalf of our generous donors. We also brought sport equipment and clothes, thanks to O’Neills House of Sports in Dublin.

We went back to the refugee kindergartens in the camps of Shatila in Beirut and Burj elShemali in the ancient city of Tyre in the South of the country. Despite the poverty and squalor surrounding them, these kindergartens are oases of gaiety and serenity, painted in bright colours and spotlessly clean. The children, aged 3-5, play and learn how to read and write in Arabic and English. The staff are very resourceful and super-motivated. As always, they welcomed us with great hospitality and a veritable feast of Palestinian delicacies.

Thank to your generosity, we were able to donate 3000 dollars to each kindergarten towards teaching material for the children and maintenance of the buildings.


Income: donations to Lebanon Trust (Euro)

Fundraising events 1555.00
Private donations, collection boxes, sponsorship cards 9219.02
Corporate sponsorships 8515.92
Total 19289.94

(Year close Nov 30, 2019; EUR/USD/CHF currency exchange rate: as applied by our bank in Ireland)

Expenditure: Donations to the supported institutions, expenses (Euro)

Web hosting & domains, Paypal/banking commissions
Hardware & materials, transport, logistics, local labour 1191.21
Donation to FAID 9243.85
Donation to the Home of Hope 2773.15
Donation to Shatila refugee kindergarten 2773.15
Donation to Burj el Shemali refugee kindergarten 2773.15
Total 18932.66
Difference 357.28

Our volunteers displayed a great imagination in devising ways to raise funds: Christmas swims, street collections, raffles, cake sales, quiz nights, office collections, etc.

Our special thanks to the friends who helped this year:

• Mick Halpin & family (Dublin & USA), for their fantastic, generous & constant support
• All colleagues at Symantec (Dublin)
• Paul’s Barber Shop, Crumlin (Dublin)
• Anna Galli (Genoa, Italy)
• Geraldine McGrath (Dublin), for her amazing cakes!
• McCormack’s Cycle Centre (Dublin)
• O’Neill’s House of Sport (Dublin)
• Paul Reid Dental Laboratories (Dublin)
• Gerard Kelly, Kelly’s Welding & Engineering Supplies Ltd (Dublin)
• Pat Stafford of Stafford Engineering (Dublin)
• A. Bertolotto & MC Ferraro (Genoa, Italy)
• Martina Merkle (Zurich, Switzerland)
• Big Mick & all the lads at Farleng Engineering (Dublin)
• Ole Vossnack (Zurich, Switzerland)
• Fam. Liverini-Swanström (Zurich, CH)
• Fam. Delfante-Cocurullo (Genoa, Italy)
• Anna Dal Negro & fam. (Zurich, CH)
• Giovanni Zappavigna & fam. (Massa, I)
• Elena Prola-Smith & fam. (London, UK)
• Fam. Bertolotto-DellaPenna (Genoa, Italy)
• Milda Cocurullo & fam. (Genoa, Italy)
• Enrico & Lilli Bertolotto (Genoa, Italy)
• Fam. Parodi (Genoa, Italy)
• Fam. Devia (Genoa, Italy)
• The Silicon Valley Community Foundation (USA)
• The Symantec Foundation (USA)
• St Peregrines GAA Club (Dublin), for their ongoing support over the years
• Patricia Meade (USA), for her generosity
• Kelly’s Welding & Engineering (Dublin)
• The Terence Welding Company (Dublin)
• ProWeld (Dublin)
• Brenden & staff di Lilliput Stores (Dublin)
• Dolphin Furniture Sales (Dublin)
• Lufthansa Airlines
• ChAir Airlines
• Advanced Car Rental (Beirut)
• All the generous Walkinstown friends in St Peter’s Crescent and St Peter’s Drive for their constant support
• Carla & Natale Ferraro (Genoa, Italy)
• G. Margotti & S. Falaschini (Livorno, Italy)
• Fam. Fasciolo (Arquata Scrivia, Italy)
• Fam. Pellegrini (Genoa, Italy)
• Fam. Aquini (Arquata Scrivia, Italy)
• Fam. Ricci (Arquata Scrivia, Italy)
• Fam. Vigna-Mori (Savona, Italy)
• Fabio Minotti (Lentate sul Seveso, Italy)
• Catherine e Adrian Ruf (Zurich, CH)
• Chaithra Vishnu (India)
• Community Foundation of Collier County, Florida (USA)

Laura thanks her generous friends im 2019

Laura would like to thank all the friends who have supported Lebanon Trust this year

Many generous friends have doonated towards Lebanon Trust’s projects this year. Laura in prticular, together with all the other volunteers, would like to thank:

Anna Galli, Genoa (Italy)
Alessandro Bertolotto & Maria Cristina Ferraro, Genoa (Italy)
Martina Merkle, Zurich (Switzerland)
Family Liverini-Swanström, Zurich (Switzerland), and Albert in particular
Fabio & Marta Cocurullo, Genoa (Italy)
Anna Dal Negro and family, Zurich (Switzerland)
Family Zappavigna, Marina di Massa (MS, Italy)
Elena Prola and family, London (UK)
Milda Cocurullo and family, Genoa (Italy)
Enrico & Lilli Bertolotto, Genoa (Italy)
Family Parodi, Genoa (Italy)
Family Della Penna, Genoa (Italy)
Natale & Carla Ferraro, Genoa (Italy)
Family Devia, Genoa (Italy)
Giorgio Margotti, Livorno (Italy)
Angela Vigna and family, Savona (Italy)
Silvana Falaschini, Livorno (Italy)
Patricia Meade (USA)
Family Fasciolo-Barnabe’ e gli amici di Montaldero, Arquata Scrivia (AL, Italy)
Family Aquini-Alberghini, Arquata Scrivia (AL, Italy)
Family Ricci, Arquata Scrivia (AL, Italy)
Giovanna & Cristina Pellegrini and family, Genoa (Italy)
Catherine & Adrian Poeydomenge-Ruf, Zurich (Switzerland)
Fabio Minotti, Lentate sul Seveso (Milan, Italy)
Chaithra Vishu, India